This year, Friend of Love Me Love You Ryan Vecht will embark on a 5550km solo ride from Fremantle to Sydney. Not only is Ryan embarking on this enormous challenge, but he is selflessly doing it to raise vital funds for Love Me Love You!
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Indian Pacific Wheel Race

The ride will see Ryan take off from Fremantle on March 16th and armed only with the clothes on his back, a bike repair kit, sleeping equipment & essential first aid supplies, Ryan will embark on a solo journey across this great country. Solo riding means no support vehicles, no fancy rest points along the way, just the vast amount of kilometers between him and his goal. You can track Ryan’s progress throughout the race online here

We thank Ryan immensely for his selfless support of Love Me Love You and wish him all the best for the big event.

A note from Ryan

IPWR take 2!! 5500kms Fremantle to Sydney.

Why go back?

A few years ago I competed in the Melbourne to Warrnambool – Australia’s longest and oldest one day race. The only one day race where you get to race against the professionals as an amateur. To cut it short I trained my heart out for this race and arrived on the start line as fit as could be.

With 70kms to go in the 273km race after the main climb of the day I was still with the pro’s. Unfortunately my front tyre went flat which saw me wave them good bye to the bunch. I crossed the line 20 minutes  behind the winner a shattered man so upset that I couldn’t realise my full potential. I later found out I had won my grade which was bitter sweet, but I was still disappointed with the result.

Last years IPWR is a similar story. Trained hard but due to some bike set up issues on day one I damaged a tendon in my leg. I made it to Melbourne in 14 days (3800kms) which includes 2 days rest in Port Augusta. I could not continue past Melbourne due to the pain and the amount of climbing ahead of me to get to Sydney. (For those that aren’t aware the IPWR is a 5500km solo unsupported race from Fremantle to Sydney. We carry our own gear and source our own food and water along the way).

My physical recovery was about 6 months but from the moment I stopped in Melbourne it had bugged me that I didn’t achieve the goal I set out for.  I did not plan to go back this year but 6 weeks ago my beautiful wife suggested I should get it done. This is just as big a deal for her sitting at home as it is for me being on the road. I sincerely thank her for this opportunity.

Last year I raised Money for the McGrath foundation and your support was amazing. This year I have chosen to raise money for the Love me Love You Foundation. They are a youth focused, non-profit organisation that aims to educate and improve the mental health and well being outcomes of young individuals. Mental health is a massive issue in today’s world, it has had an impact in my home, with my immediate family and I have lost friends to mental illness. Unfortunately unlike cancer it is a disease that can often be hidden causing those to suffer silently, it’s often not accepted as serious or people don’t know how to assist someone with a mental illness (myself included in this). Love Me Love You play a crucial role in getting the message out there and for that reason I again ask for your support. It will assist me with the cost of doing the IPWR again and also contribute to a great cause!

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