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So this is a bit of a heavy post. But I need you all to get use to it as I’m focused on change!!
On the 26th of October we lost a friend who took his own life due to mental illness. On the 12th of November I tried to do the same thing and almost succeeded. It made me see that even the strongest of people. The ones you would never suspect can be fighting demons.

On the 22nd of March. I’ll be running 5k’s to help even the strongest of people to get the help they need.
Our team is getting a Facebook page together and we will be posting up dates very soon. Along with some great auction items!!

This is super hard to ask as I don’t ask for help but you are all my mates and I know you’ll all support me.

If you are a business and donate over $200 I’ll get your business details printed on my shirt that I’ll be running in!
Don’t forget anything over $2 is a tax write off.
My goal is only $1000 but I hope to smash that and raise more stigma to this disease.

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01 Mar 2020

Hello Friends,
It’s been a while since I’ve posted a update of how things are going.

For me personally my journey of mental health has been a Rollar Coaster. Full of ups and downs. Honestly more downs then ups.
I will honestly admit the thought of suicide has entered my head but will never be where I was, just a few short months ago.
We have 3 weeks to the day where I walk to change the stigma. So to my beautiful friends if you haven’t donated yet, please do so.

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