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Ride with Me FAQs & Fundraising

What is Ride with Me 2020?

Ride with Me 2020 is a choose your own adventure cycling event where participants are able to cycle and spread the positive message of mental health awareness through your activity. Your adventure could be from the luxury of your own home on your trainer, cycling around your streets of your community or climbing hills. You can ride by yourself or you can join up with members of your team and log your efforts through our Ride with Me 2020 Strava club for the event, or alternatively just ride because you can.

How do I log my rides?

Strava is a popular app to log rides and running routes. It’s free to use, and all you need to do is download the app to your smart phone and create an account. Strava can also be used in conjunction with smart watches & smart phones. If you already use another app then don’t worry, carry on and keep using it.

Will there be structured rides over the event?

Ride with Me 2020 will have structured rides/meet ups on Road Grand Tours. If you chose to ride virtually different courses on each day will be available to you depending on your ability or distance/climbing challenge you have set for yourself.

What if I don't have Road Grand Tours?

Don’t panic! To join Road Grand Tours you just need to download the app, create a free account and follow the link we will send out prior to the event. If virtual riding isn’t your thing you can simply jump on your bike and do a loop of your favourite track!

Where does the fundraising go?

All funds raised will allow Love Me Love You to continue with their mission to foster a positive change in the mental health outcomes of our community. Fundraising gives Love Me Love You a greater capacity to facilitate education and support programs to youth members of our community.

When will I receive my event jersey and merchandise?

Due to Covid challenges there has been a delay in the delivery of the Ride with Me jersey and merchandise getting to you. It is due to arrive in the first half of October and local pick-ups will be organised in your respective regions/states or will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Patience is crucial but we guarantee you it will be well worth the wait to represent in these beauties!

Can I complete my ride outside of the event dates?

Absolutely! Choose your own adventure means that you can ride wherever and whenever you like. The aim of the ride is to promote a positive messaging of support and awareness through your activity.

What happens if I don't reach my fundraising target?

Part of your commitment for registering for Ride with Me 2020 is that you reach your minimum fundraising target of $250. If you are in a team with others then your accumulated total will be taken into account. There is no cost for you to register and take part in this event, although it is highly recommended that you donate to your own page and share your commitment to this event with your network.

What bike do I need? Any other equipment?

One with two wheels! There aren’t any requirements for specific bikes, it could be a state of the art model, or your Mum’s old one complete with a basket.
If riding outside isn’t your thing then you can use an exercise bike in the comfort of your own home. If you really want to step it up you can add a trainer on, which will calculate your speed, heart rate and overall awesomeness. Smart trainers can also mimic the road you’re on, adding a new dimension and making it even more challenging!

Do I have to ride?

It is suggested... You know you signed up to a bike ride right?
But don’t panic if you aren’t an avid cyclist. This ride is about showing up in the battle against mental illness, starting crucial conversations and letting people know that they are never alone.
So whether you’re riding to new heights, beating a personal best, or simply dusting off the bike for a leisurely ride, you are demonstrating that no matter how dark and lonely those bad days are, people are never alone, and together we will beat the beast that is mental illness.


 The number one reason people give is because they were asked – so ask your friends and family for a specific amount and let me know why it is important to both you and Love Me Love You.

  • Share your fundraising page to your Facebook page and add the link into your Instagram bio. Simply visit your fundraising page and on the right hand column there is a button to 'Share on Facebook' & 'Copy Link' which you can use to add to your social accounts.
  • Personalise your fundraising page by uploading a profile picture, tell your story & let your supporters know why you’ve signed up to be a part of Love Me Love You’s Ride with Me.
  • Post your training ride selfies. Get snap-happy and post pics of yourself and your crew on training rides!
  • Make sure you thank your donors via social media when they make a donation. This small act of gratitude can be a great reminder to other supporters to get their donations in as well.


 One of the best ways to improve your fundraising is to tell your story & let your supporters know why you've signed up to be a part of Love Me Love You's Ride with Me.

Our aim is to reduce the stigma associated with Mental Health issues - the most effective way to do this is for people to talk about it and share their personal journeys. If you've not experienced mental health concerns of your own, sharing why you're passionate about it is as effective.

Ask your friends and family for a specific amount and let them know why it’s so important; fundraising money raised for Love Me Love You allows them to deliver programs into schools and sporting clubs at a subsidized rate. This enables us to reach more young adults – educating them and reducing the stigma that surround mental health concerns which can help save lives.

Get work and colleagues involved. Don’t panic if you’re working from home or not seeing your colleagues due to restrictions, there’s still ways to get them involved!

  • Sell chocolates (www.fundraising.com.au) - this is nice and easy and you will be surprised how many you can sell.

  • Ask permission to hold a sausage sizzle at your church, school or club, pending on restrictions in your state.

  • Guessing competition – fill a jar with lollies and sit it in your work place and allow people to guess the amount of lollies in the jar for a gold coin. This could be done virtually, take a photo of the jar and pop it in an email!

  • Ask your company to sponsor your team as a tax deductible contribution. One popular and easy option is to ask your company to match every dollar your team raises.