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Check out what Friends of LMLY are doing to raise vital funds. We are so grateful to our community warriors for their time, dedication and selflessness. Your support of these personal challenges, events & activities will go towards supporting further free education, free support services and more. 

2019 indian pacific wheel race for Mental Health

This year, Friend of Love Me Love You Ryan Vecht will embark on a 5550km solo ride from Fremantle to Sydney. Not only is Ryan embarking on this enormous challenge, but he is selflessly doing it to raise vital funds for Love Me Love You!

St kilda cycling club to ride for mental health

In the quiet of the not-yet-awake neighbourhood street, we sit perched on our bikes watching what seems like a formidable army of colour gather around us SKCC riders. This is our Velo Vendredi Friday ride, that’s French to go cycling, where once a month another club is invited to lead us out.

There is something intangible in these Knights of Suburbia (KOS), which later reveals itself as a camaraderie and strength woven into the heart of their purpose. If you look at their Facebook page, their mission is unwavering, in that they wish to change the culture around mental health. 

Being curious, I seek out more information and discover KOS are partnered with the Love Me Love You Foundation (LMLY). This not-for-profit works on building resilience by empowering young adults experiencing mental health, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders and life hardships. 

Some KOS and LMLY members/staff openly share about their own lived experiences of mental health challenges. You can’t be anything but impressed by the courage and passion driving both the club and foundation. 

This leads to a cycling event in April 2019, the Murray to Moyne where there is a team of eighteen SKCC members pedalling overnight and for 520kms. This weekend supports the health and social benefits of cycling. To enter, wenominated a charity to raise funds, and it does not come as a surprise our members voted for the LMLY foundation. 

As cyclists, we experience the physical and mental benefits of pedalling with our mates, in the bunch, racing, or hitting out solo. We find belonging with the events we attend accompanied by what seems like endless banter and antics of being a member in the biggest club in Victoria. We are SKCC!

And then, more quietly, there are people struggling in silence still trying to find how to speak up. They may be riding right next to you, or it might be one of your buddy’s adolescent children. This is where KOS and LMLY provide non-judgemental spaces, in the bunch, over coffee or through contacting LMLY, to have open conversations, and to help people find connection and support.  

These are people we are riding for. If you want to help the team raise funds for LMLY please donate today! We would love your support, perhaps a donation for the cost of a coffee, or three all adds up. And yep, you know we’re all competitive and want to reach our target!

Georgina Cook

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